Hampshire’s Top Rated Personal Trainer

I appreciated It’s  bold claim to state the above. 

To justify my stance, I initially reviewed the top rated PTs in Basingstoke and I was  happy to learn I sat at the top.

Following this, I extended the search to cover Hampshire, and again learned I had reached what I believe is the top position.

To clarify this further, and to be open with anyone visiting my site; I have combined my Google Reviews alongside those sent by members at the Gym Group Basingstoke.

To ensure continued fairness of my claim I’ll update this each month (possibly sooner) to adjust for any changes.

Google Testimonials          – 33

The Gym Group Reviews  – 39

Current Total                       – 72

So that’s it, I’m dam proud of my 27 years experience – helping people achieve their health & fitness goals or overcome longterm pain.  So I always appreciate when a client or gym member takes their time to share their thoughts,  experiences and results.

Dave JosephThe Fit Coach

Version 1:     10/10/23

Updated:     15/10/23,    06/11/23,    12/11/23

Hampshire-Top Rated Personal Trainer

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