About Me

My work as a Fitness Therapist and Functional Strength Coach emerged from my experience as a personal trainer, and weight loss coach at a local gym in Basingstoke some 26 years ago.

In addition to my personal training, I have also coached numerous students while working as a tutor and assessor for a number of leading training providers in fitness education. This also allowed me to develop accredited workshops and speak at a number of conferences for the fitness industry.

Over many years, I have coached thousands of clients and members with goals including fat loss, strength training, and recovery from long-term pain, injury or following surgery.

In real terms, such changes require continuous review, regular check-ins and consideration of habits which affect mindset, sleep, eating, lifestyle and exercise.

Achieving your fitness goals is multifaceted, there is no single solution, no short-cuts, or industry secrets  to achieve your goals in the short-term. 

Therefore my primary goal is to streamline the journey to build an Excusless achieve your health & fitness goals.

No bones about it – there’s a lot to cover; but with years in the industry, a bucketload of experience, ideas and out-of -the-boxing thinking, I can help you de-stress, focus, crack-on and get it done.

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A M.A.D History

A key approach I employ as The Fit Coach was born from a single one-on-one training session.

While working with an elderly man suffering  with a bone-growth disorder, chronic pain, sleep deprivation and movement dysfunctions, I had unknowingly started a journey which lead to the development of M.A.D – Movement Activation Drills

Through continued improvements, and having attended over 65 courses in the fitness industry over 26 years –  I have developed a highly effective system to accelerate your fitness and rehabilitation goals. 

Long gone are the days of waiting to notice a subtle improvement in fitness, why wait weeks to improve mobility, flexibility, strength, and reduce pain – when changes often occur following a single session.

M.A.D underpins all aspects of my coaching and  personal training sessions. Wether in the gym or online training, M.A.D has developed with the goal to see you to move unhindered, stronger, confident and (hopefully) free of pain.